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This will be a site for maps of buildings, and planets. I’ll have to read the rules and find out about this fictional part of the galaxy.

The area I am mapping is in the telescope shadow, due to dust and nebula, on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy for our Earth’s solar system.

Adding more maps.

For some reason, the text on some pages isn’t showing. I deleted and recreated this site. No change.

I think I found a fix for that problem.

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Aug, 2021

Aug 21

Fixed some pages that text wasn’t showing.

July, 2021

Jul 22

Added a star ship I have been working on. on the navigation menus, Ships -> Wanderer.

Jul 20

Adding the planet surveys and system maps to Column 1 and Sector D, Sub-Sector H pages.


Jul 19

Adding about 20 planets this week. I don’t have the system maps, nor the planet surveys done. I hope to have them done this week. Six are in Col 1, Sector D, Dralasite territory.

Completed adding Column 1, Sector D, Sub-Sector H 6 planets, sector and sub-sector maps.

And now the navigation menus have been updated.

Jul 15

Updated the Sanjar’s Star Cluster map

Added text to, and corrected some errors in the article Darrians, Humans, and Romani

made the text for light years distance larger on some Sector and Sub-Sector maps.

working on adding 6 planets to Column 3, Sector B, Sub-Sector N. This will bring the total up to 29 planets. The planet surveys, system maps, and UWPs will be added at a later date.

Updated links to sub-Sector N on the Column 3, sector B map. Added the Column 3, Sector B, Sub-Sector N map, updated the site navigation menus with new links, and added space so there will be more space.

Updated the FAQ.

Jul 14

Added the Romani race.

Jul 13

Added planet surveys and system maps for planets: Gald, Grel-Cho, and Lzolr.

Jul 11

Added the layout map for Sanjar’s Star Cluster. in Column 2, Sector C

Jul 9

Added 4 random Medieval cities, and 4 random dungeons of various sizes. Updated navigation menus.

Jul 8

Adding 3 planets in Sub-Sector N. I’ll put up the planet maps today, and get to the planet surveys and system maps when I can. Done adding planet maps.

This site was started in 2021, so, there are no previous dates on this site. And I don’t do archives.

Jul 7

In the process of adding 3 human planets.

Done, added 3 more planets, with planet surveys and system maps. I have increased the size of some text so it is easier to read.

Sub-Sector M map, located in Column 3, Sector A.

Jul 5

Added 7 planets to the Darrian sector. Links in the navigation menu above.

Jul 1

Adding Darrians from Classic Traveller as a new character race for this site.

June, 2021

June 28

Fixed up and redid the navigation menus.

June 26

Adding a new Sub-sector K, and it contains a nebula. Navigation menus are updated, fixed an incorrect link.

June 25

Adding Column 3, Sector B, sub-Sector J, 2 planets and an unknown system.

Completed. Also updated the navigation menu.

Added a downloads page. I’ll have to redo the navigation menus as I upload and write articles for new Columns, Sectors, etc.

June 23

Added Planet: Tough to Column 3, Sector B, Sub-Sector G. Tainted air and water, any outdoor foods.

Added 4 down ports of varying quality and facilities. Each of the down ports are linked by a mini menu at the top of each article.

June 21

Added Way-Los one planet in The Frontier. That sector map also has a nova remnant, and a pulsar. Column 3, Sector B map

Added a second planet, planet survey, and plant system map to the above sub-sector G.

I need to add some exotic and/or bad air planets, suns other than type G, etc.

June 20
,br> Fixed a typo on the planet name for Arnsho. The three png files are showing now.

June 19

Adding the Sub-Sector and sector map. As i add more planets, I’ll update these maps.

Updated the FAQ page>

June 18>

Added an area sketch map.. Noticed the menus weren’t on all pages, fixed.

June 17

Updated page What size to make the Star Frontiers sector maps ? There will be more than one. I am currently working on the first sector map.

Added FAQ page.

The hex grids on the generic planets have been darkened so they are easier to see.

June 15

I’ll be working on maps of various sorts. After I have read the rules, I bought Alpha Dawn from Drive-Thru, I\‘ll work on some maps.

I’ll add navigation menus when I get a few more articles.

I primarily do maps. I will probably do my own galaxy map. But, I’ll read the rule books first.

Added 5 generic planets of different land types.

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Maps, I make maps.

This is basically about Star Frontiers.

I was thinking about locating my alternate Star Frontiers star system map on the other side of the galaxy. Due to dust and gas between our real solar system and the other side of the galaxy, it is very difficult to determine just what is over there.

So the other side of this galaxy sounds like a good place to put my ASFU, i.e. Alternate Star Frontiers Universe.

I plan of starting to connect the various sectors together.

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One: maps are typically 2000 pixels wide in png format.

Two: added Generic planets in Traveller format. I use Fractal Terrains 3 to make them.

Three: I have noticed the grid on the generic planets are a bit light. I will darken those on future maps, and go back and fix them on the generic planet maps. Done.

Four: I have noticed the ships are different. More like the old science fiction movie ships from the 1950s.

Five: I have decided to use the mapping style, UWP, etc. from my Alternate Traveller Universe as I have on my web site for that game.

Six: Adding solar system maps.

Seven: Note that a rocky planet means it is similar to Earth. Or at least ‘Earth-like’.

Eight: Rock or rocks, means just a boulder of various sizes. Asteroids. Spent comets, etc.

Nine: what are those numbers after the Column and Sectors in the navigation menus ? Those are the number of planets in that area.

Ten: Some planet and moon names are adventure ideas. And some are just random names.


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